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Your Coffee’s Country Of Origin And How It Affects Flavour

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Your Coffee’s Country Of Origin And How It Affects Flavour

8 September 2023

From the fertile hills of Kenya to the lush plantations of Central America, your morning brew can become a journey of the senses, offering you a taste of the diverse flavours our world has to offer. Let’s explore how your coffee’s country of origin influences the flavours and characteristics of your brew.

Colombian Coffee:

Colombia’s diverse climate and geography create a captivating tapestry of coffee profiles. This country is renowned for its coffee’s big body, offering notes of dark chocolate and a robust mouthfeel. Colombian coffee delivers a bold experience with every cup.

Ethiopian Coffee:

As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia boasts some of the finest coffee beans globally, celebrated for their bright, acidic, winey, and floral notes, often accompanied by hints of red fruits. Ethiopian coffee varies significantly based on the region of growth and the processing method applied, ensuring a diverse array of flavours to explore.

Kenyan Coffee:

Kenya’s most prized coffee hails from the volcanic slopes of Mount Kenya in the Nyeri region, grown at elevations ranging from 1300 to 1800 meters. These high-grown beans offer a remarkable richness, bursting with fruit and berry-toned flavours. Kenyan coffee stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to exceptional quality.

Brazilian Coffee:

Brazil holds the title of the world’s largest coffee producer, known primarily for its production of bulk commodity coffees. Typically characterised by a flavour profile of cocoa, walnut, Brazil nut and citric acidity, Brazilian coffee tends to be sweet and mild. Recent years have seen a shift towards quality-focused farming practices, yielding some outstanding Brazilian coffees.

Sumatran Coffee:

With a coffee history dating back to the 1700s, Indonesia – particularly the northern regions around Lake Toba – produces remarkable coffee. These beans exhibit a bold, syrupy profile, often accompanied by a flavour profile of dark chocolate and toffee. For the adventurous coffee explorer, the best Sumatran beans might even reveal a subtle touch of blueberry.

The flavours you savour in your daily brew are more than just notes; they are stories of the land, climate, and traditions from the coffee’s country of origin. While variations exist due to processing methods and specific regions or farms, these country-wide characteristics offer a roadmap to understanding the world of coffee. So, embark on your coffee journey, and with each cup, let your senses explore the globe—one sip at a time. Happy travels!

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