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Elevate your barista skills

Training baristas for over 12 years

Uncover the secret to a thriving café – skilled baristas. Propel your café to new heights with our specialised barista training program. With 12 years of expertise, we offer 6-monthly training sessions to ensure your baristas are at the top of their game.

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Adjusting and learning

Stay updated with industry standards

Our updated espresso brewing recipe aligns with specialty coffee standards, emphasising a brewing ratio of 2:1. This means a dose weight of 24g and an extraction yield of 48g.

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Training sessions

What you'll master

In our training sessions, you'll master: - Perfecting the espresso recipe - Grinder adjustment techniques - Artful milk texturing - Crafting the espresso menu - Coffee machine cleaning and maintenance best practices If you're a café customer of ours seeking training, please complete the form below to get started on your journey to coffee excellence.

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