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Immerse your senses in our exquisite coffee selection. From curated blends to unique single origins, each coffee undergoes rigorous cupping, scoring, and testing. Our commitment to quality extends to our green bean contracts, guaranteeing ongoing excellence for a consistent cup of joy each time!

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The highest quality specialty coffee, roasted just for your brand.

  1. State of the art equipment: Recently built custom Joper CRS 60kg (with proprietary profiling management software) and Cropster Roast Intelligence.
  2. Reliable and sustainable supply: All green coffee supply booked in on forward contracts (to secure: price, volume and quality) 9-12 months in advance.
  3. Consistent flavour: All roasts receive ground colour reading and record. Roasted coffee is assessed for score, uniformity and flavour quality.
  4. Guaranteed quality: Raw coffee is assessed for moisture and density. Moisture requirements of above 9% and under 12% as a control point in contract.
Private label roasting

To discuss your contract roasting needs

Get in touch with Chris and chat about your contract roasting needs.

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Multisite Cafe

Promote your cafe brand through custom packaging.

We will gladly assist with private label roasting for your multisite cafe, when you need more than 200kg roasted each week.

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