Motta Tamper

Product description

The Motta 58.4 mm Competition Tamper allows both home and professional baristas to extract more espresso with greater consistency. 

Despite the name, both home baristas and the professional benefit from a wider tamping diameter. With the 58.4 mm base, the Motta Competition Tamper helps you get the most out of every cup by: 

  • Compressing a wider surface of coffee.
  • Reducing channeling caused by ‘missed’ coffee grounds. 
  • Limits the impact ‘puck preparation’ can have on extraction. 

For best results, pair the Motta Competition Tamper with the Motta Coffee Levelling Tool. 


Key features

Wider diameter: With a tighter manufacturing tolerance and additional .4 mm width, the Motta Competition Tamper compresses a greater surface area of the puck, significantly reducing side wall channelling, without creating a vacuum seal when removing the tamper from the portafilter basket. 


- Origin: Italy 
- Materials: Stainless Steel Base, Ash wood handle, Zinc plated screw 
- Compatibility: 58mm – 58.5mm Ø baskets 
- Diameter: 58.4 mm base, 24.4 mm handle stem, 43.6 mm handle ball 
- Height: 92 mm 
- Tamper Weight: 370 g 
- Gross Weight: 415 g 
- Packaging: 96 mm x 115 mm x 65 mm 
- Packaging materials: cardboard outer, foam interior 

Motta Tamper

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